Small Business Marketing for just $650 per month

The very thing that small businesses need to grow sales is also the most expensive - an online marketing strategy and 'funnel' (that's a fancy way of saying we connect the dots from social media and Google search... to sales). But not every entrepreneur has big marketing budgets just lying around. Marketing automation, mass emails, and smart contact database is now within reach and doesn't come with a hefty price tag. Awesome right? Yes you are. Register here. 



Why Do We Use Marketing Automation?

We got tired of our would-be favourite customers walking out the door because what they needed was just too darn expensive. So we created a solution that takes a lot of the manual work out for everyone!


Your Customer's Online Journey

  1. They search for topics they're interested in, or click an advertisement in social media
  2. They see your blog posts
  3. They click the 'Call to Action' button
  4. They put in their details in exchange for something
  5. They receive a sequence of marketing emails
  6. They purchase your product/service

Tell Me the Benefits

  • Upload up to 500 of your existing contacts - to be included in our emails and page visit tracking
  • Automated emails communicate to many, but feel one on one
  • Smart text that changes depending on who's visiting
  • 1x Landing page designed for you
  • Smart forms that progressively get more info from your visitors
  • 1x automated workflow built for you
  • Live data on your visitors and leads
  • Call to Action Buttons to put on your own site
  • Blog Platform with your branding and navigation menu
  • Blog posts written for you, with images included
  • Request export of your leads at any time (for example, to use in Facebook advertising)
  • Use your own Google Analytic tag if required

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